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Individual rings, reflecting the personality of their owner

dscn5410p Titanium is a very unique metal. An exprienced pair of hands can create spectacular and interesting rings out of this special material. Naturally, we can also use titanium to make traditional designs, which are superb due to their light weight and durability, especially when compared with other materials.

AT GL-Koru we have on show a wide selection of ready made titanium rings. If you can't find anything suitable, we can always modify an existing design or, moreover, the designs we have may give you an inspiration for the creation of your own unique ring. Furthermore, we can accentuate your ring by adorning it with various precious stones of your choice.

dscn9042p The design criteria for the rings to be worn on an evening out are different from engagement and wedding rings. We do not recommend colored gemstones for engagement or wedding rings because of their fragility and different styling details. A ring worn on that special evening can very well adorn a multiplicity of colored stones such as blue or yellow sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, topaz, peridot, aquamarine or perhaps pearls or a combination of gemstones and pearls.


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