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We repair your jewellery with care and expertise

From time to time all jewellery needs cleaning, touch-ups or repairs. The more important and cherished a piece of jewellery is to its owner, the more it needs a pair of capable and experienced hands to give the attention the jewellery needs.

The gemstones/stones should be professionally checked and cleaned once a year. We check the stones and secure them if they are loose. We check the chain locks and other mechanisms and mend these if required. We also clean and polish the jewellery lowering the risk of infection (especially earrings).

GL-Koru guarantees to do all the repair work and service - from straightforward cleaning to meticulous restoring of antique jewellery - quickly, delicately and with expertise.

We are regularly faced with new challenges, like "saving" a shapeless diamond ring caught between a door, prizing out a ring stuck in a finger and resizing it, remodelling earrings from clip-ons or pierced pieces into charms, modernizing an old fashioned broach, removing diamonds from an old ring and making a new ring, replacing a lost piece or gemstone and mending broken chains...

Often, to our client's great delight, we have managed to rescue a seemingly hopeless case.

At GL-Koru we also provide evaluation certificates which are necessary for the insurance purposes.

Services offered by GL-Koru

  • Mending chains and chain locks
  • Various types of soldering in mending (i.e. studs and links)
  • Resetting, checking and tightening stones and gemstones
  • Replacing stones
  • Resizing rings
  • Reshaping rings and other jewellery
  • Stringing and cleaning of pearls
  • Mending dents and scratches
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Remodelling and modernizing jewellery
  • Issuing evaluation certificates
  • Changing batteries for watches and clocks
  • Gift tokens

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