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Individual rings, reflecting the personality of their owner

dscn8833p From everyday gifts to those special occasions or just to treat yourself, we have a wide selection of rings, designed by us and handmade in our own workshop. They are refreshingly different from the factory made conveyor belt products. A well made ring is beautiful, durable and fits your finger perfectly, is not tight, chafe your skin or fall off.

Any of our products can be used as a basis in designing your own individual and unique ring. In addition to your own ideas we have hundreds of designs and examples to fire up your imagination. We can make a ring using different materials, like yellow or white gold or titanium. We can also make one ring by fusing two rings together or by using different parts of a gold or titanium chain. The possibilities are endless...

dscn3960p As well as diamonds, other gemstones used in jewellery offer plenty of possibilities for design. With a careful combination of different elements it is possible to design and manufacture a unique, personalized ring that will retain its value.

GL-Koru has excellent contacts with the world's leading gemstone dealers, cutters and polishers, so we can guarantee exceptional quality at competitive prices. In the jewellery and gold business, trust is the most important factor and we can guarantee that all our gemstones and other stones are 100% as described.


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