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In capable hands the precious metals take imaginary shapes

dscn4239pA unique piece of jewellery is a one-off, individual piece and no-one else owns anything like it. This is why a unique piece of jewellery holds a special meaning as a gift or a presentation.

At GL-Koru you can design your own unique piece of jewellery and have it made for you. We make jewellery according to your drawings and ideas which may inspire you towards a particular design. We will help you with these designs to achieve the technical solutions so that your jewellery will not only be beautiful but also durable and practical. You can view the hundreds of items in our shop to help you with your ideas.

dscn3746pWe buy any scrap gold you may have (broken rings, earrings, chains etc) and we can use it as raw-material make a new piece of jewellery for you. We can also use your own gemstones or stones or pearls in creating something new.

We can help you stay within your budget with the selection of precious stones used; quantity, size and quality are all contributing factors of cost. We can help you to make a right choice.

dscn7199pApart from the traditional brilliant cut in diamonds there are many others that we can provide to highlight the shape and character of the jewellery. These include: oval, baguette, heart-shaped, square Princess cut or drop shapes. In addition to the usual colourless diamond we also have coloured diamonds. Their popularity has increased in the past few years. You are welcome to visit us in order to discuss the different cuts in gemstones and how they can enhance your jewellery.

Jewellery is not just a traditional ring, charm or a chain... We also make jewellery on order, expressing your hobbies or profession.

We make miniature tools, logos, coats of arms or even personal utensils just to mention but a few.


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