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Well made jewellery will last

ProductsAt GL-Koru we have a wide range of ready made products from engagement rings to cufflinks, from gold chains to titanium jewellery. We offer unique, extremely high quality products designed and manufactured in our own workshop.

We aim to design our jewellery so that all the pieces compliment each other, forming unique sets. This gives you an opportunity to increase your collection piece by piece and become the proud owner of a beautifully elegant ensemble.

ProductsWe make jewellery using mainly gold and titanium, but also silver. Our products are made of the highest quality precious metals. We mix our own yellow gold by using fine gold, fine silver and copper. For yellow gold jewellery we normally use 14 carat gold, but we also use, on request, 18 carat or even 23 carat gold. Jewellery made with white gold is always made with 18 carat palladium white gold, which is the safest choice in preventing possible allergies.


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