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Engagement and wedding rings

The most elegant engagement and wedding rings are always hand-made

We stock a wide selection of ready made engagement and wedding rings, both traditional and unique individual one-offs, which are all designed and manufactured in our own workshop using the highest quality raw-materials.

Unforgettable moment – unforgettable jewellery

Wedding and Engagement RingsEngagement and wedding rings are symbols of deep feelings and unique moments. Hence so many of our clients want the rings to be designed and made just for them to have that personal touch. We appreciate their preferences, personality and wishes and offer our know-how, design, materials and quality of work in order to realize them.

If you don’t have an exact ring design in mind, our large ready made selection might well give you ideas, from where we can begin to create your very own ring. A perfect ring is a result of informal discussions between the client and the goldsmith. Achieving this result is often easier than you would ever think.

kihlat2As an engagement and wedding ring is usually always worn on a finger it is daily exposed to hard wear and tear. Although rings are pieces of jewellery they should be regarded as "utensils". When the design is based on this fact, the rings are comfortable to wear and keep their beauty for years to come.

Diamond is the only gemstone we recommend to adorn engagement and wedding rings. It is the only precious stone that is durable and will stay beautiful year after year. Sapphires and rubies are popular, but they tend to wear out fairly soon and lose their spark. Colourless diamond is also a good choice. Being neutral, it can be worn with any outfit and with other jewellery. If you have set your mind on a coloured stone for your engagement or wedding ring, the best choice is a coloured diamond.

kihlat3The best rings are individually made to measure. We often see factory made "one size" rings, where the size has been altered, sometimes considerably; thus the originally round ring has changed in shape into oval and become uncomfortable to wear. Furthermore, big size changes to rings with gemstones are dangerous as the bending of the ring can cause gemstones to break or to be dislodged easily.

A ring that is well designed and made with care is not only beautiful and durable but also practical and comfortable. We see only too often people who are dissatisfied with the quality of the factory made rings or have discovered that they are unpractical and uncomfortable to wear.

kihlat4Come and see us! You can browse through our wide selection of rings at your leisure, pick up ideas and study the various shapes the diamonds are cut and polished (i.e. brilliant, oval, square, baguette, drop, heart-shaped etc). We can discuss the features of your ring so that it will do justice to your important and momentous event.

Good design and execution enables the rings to form a beautiful and long lasting set. So when designing the engagement ring we take into account the possible addition of the wedding ring. We also help you to choose any additional pieces that match the already existing rings, like earrings, a charm or a bracelet.

Many of our clients have been delightfully surprised to find out that a made-to-measure, unique piece of jewellery is no more expensive than a factory made conveyor belt product.


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