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Sleek elegance for everyday use or for that special occasion

dscn7444pEarrings express personality. Well chosen earrings are elegant and compliment your outfit. Our own earring collection has been created to compliment similarly styled rings, charms, necklaces, chains and bracelets. This way you can add to your set of jewellery depending on the nature of the occasion.

In designing earrings, weight is an essential factor. They have to be light enough so as not to stretch the earlobes particularly those to be worn during the day. Earrings for evening use can be somewhat heavier and more elaborate.

dscn9010pPlatinum, gold and silver are heavier metals. These metals are normally used to make smaller earrings while bigger and elaborate earrings have to be delicate and they are often hollow – hence they are not as durable.

Titanium is light and its durability enables us to design and make not only delicate and strong earrings but also bigger and boldly elaborate pieces - for every day use or for an evening out.

Because titanium does not cause allergies, it is a safe alternative if you are allergic to platinum or gold.


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